Crime against business premises

imageProperty crime accounted for 70% of all police recorded crime in 2013/14 (source: UK Statistics Authority),  and 82% of all crime covered by the 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales. Criminals are continually on the lookout for clever ways to rob honest, hardworking businesses so how can you limit the risk you face?

Property crime is defined as incidents where individuals, households or corporate bodies are deprived of their property by illegal means, or where the property is damaged. It includes offences of burglary, vehicle offences (theft of vehicles or property from vehicles), bicycle theft, robbery, shoplifting, fraud and criminal damage.

With crime rates on the up, businesses need to look at basic security measures, here are some considerations to improve the security of your business.

Carry out a risk assessment

First place to start is to identify where you are most vulnerable and carry out a thorough assessment of areas that could be targeted.

Secure your premises

Strengthen doors, fit window locks and install security lighting. Where access points are vulnerable install CCTV. Consider whether shutters or grill should be installed as these are an excellent way of deterring burglars.

Fencing and gates should be strong and well maintained, whilst access control systems can be fitted to prevent unauthorised access.

Fixing bollards, barriers or rising kerbs in the entrances around your premises will protect against ram raiders or unauthorised vehicles, as well as safeguarding vehicle parking areas. They can also simply help with traffic control, directing traffic through an area in a controlled manner.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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