Why might cantilever sliding gates be right for your business?

clip_image002In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of cantilever sliding gates as a method of securing property perimeters. This article looks at what they are and why they are so popular.

Cantilever sliding gates open and close by retracting horizontally. The gate is suspended over the entrance points with horizontal posts and slides back into place with the use of motors and rollers, thus eliminating the need to run a track along the length of the opening.

Rollers allow for the gate to be suspended above the ground which makes for a much smoother operation. This is because without the need for a track along the opening much less friction is incurred whilst the gate performs its cycle. As a result, the gate is much quieter and endures less operational wear and tear in the process. This in turn reduces how regularly maintenance is needed on the gate system, saving both time and money.

The horizontal retraction of this gate system means that it can be a good option for businesses that are restricted by space in their car park or driveway. As no room is needed for the gate to open outwards like with other gate systems, this can give businesses extra space within their property which can be put to better use.

Cantilever sliding gates are even able to be fitted on driveways and entrances where there is uneven ground because there is no need for a ground track fitting along the entrance. This eliminates the need for ground levelling which can greatly increase the cost of installation for gate systems which require even ground.

To summarise the main features of cantilever sliding gates:

  • Smooth operation
  • Low maintenance
  • No ground track required
  • Quiet during operation
  • Can operate on uneven ground
  • More space offered because they do not require space to open outwards


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How attractive is your business property to criminals?

gateThere is a good chance that you might have heard estate agents use a term called ‘kerb appeal’. This is a measure they use to determine how attractive your home looks from the outside.

Well, the same term can be applied with regards to business crime and how attractive your business looks to criminals from the outside. It is likely that criminals targeting businesses will, in the same way, view properties with low levels of security as a more attractive prospect.

Failing to have the necessary security protection in place makes it much easier for criminals to be successful in their attempts, which in turn makes you a more attractive property to target for opportunistic or planned crime. To deter the threat of business crime, you need to make sure that your property is unappealing to criminals. In other words, make sure that your property is so well secured that the potential difficultly of gaining access and risk of getting caught outweighs any potential benefits of committing the crime.

The following are a few different tactics that will bring down your ‘kerb appeal’, and reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of business crime.

Access control equipment
Those businesses not operating with access control equipment such as intercoms and proximity devices can quickly find themselves easy targets. Opportunistic criminals look to take advantage of businesses that cannot control access to their premises, even striking during working hours while employees are busy with work. Installing access control equipment ensures that doors will only be opened to those who have approved access whilst keeping out unwanted intruders.

Gates and barriers
Installing barriers and gates will block off unapproved vehicle access and greatly reduce the threat of your business falling victim to a ‘smash and grab’ style raid. Without vehicle access, intruders are also going to be limited as to what they can carry away from your premises. Furthermore, a lack of easy access to a getaway vehicle greatly increases the risk of getting caught and in many cases criminals will choose against even attempting to gain access to your property because it will be far too difficult for them to do so.

As business crime tactics constantly evolve so too must our range of security equipment. At Gateway we offer a large range of options designed to stop the threat of business crime which includes:


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