Maintaining rapid access to hospitals, police and fire stations


When it comes to dealing with emergencies every second counts and the time it takes for an emergency vehicle to enter and exit their site can be either a help or a hindrance to improving response times. This is why it is important for emergency services to make an informed decision when it comes to which type of security gate they have installed on their premises.

When choosing a gate for a police station, hospital or fire station it’s vital to consider not only how fast your gate will open but also how quickly it will close, ensuring that access is protected.

Here at Gateway, our purpose built GA9500 bi-folding trackless speed gates are the perfect solution for sites that require rapid access.

The GA9500 bi-folding trackless speed gate can open and close at more than twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate, cutting down response times and maintaining safety.

These gates are manufactured from sturdy RHS steel frames and have CHS tubular steel infills (which can be swapped for timber or louvre) and they can also be fitted with spiked tops, warning lights, sirens and razor wire, depending on the requirements of the site.

For a full run down of specifications please visit our product page: We also provide a range of other gates including automatic swing gates, cantilever sliding gates and manual swing gates which can be viewed on our website.

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Gateway helps Lincoln Council tackle anti-social behaviour

imageGateway Automation is pleased to have installed two new traffic barriers at a popular Lincoln country park. City of Lincoln Council recently awarded a contract to Gateway which has seen security measures ramped up at Hartsholme Park in a coordinated effort to reduce anti-social behaviour there.

Newly installed barriers will now prevent unauthorised vehicular access to Hartsholme Park. Work was carried out on the 17th and 18th of March.

Gateway has installed two barriers, including a rising barrier on the inbound carriageway with keypad access. Traffic is now also being controlled through the use of flow control plates, allowing cars to travel out but not in by the same route.

Hartsholme Country Park is three miles out of Lincoln city centre, covers over 200 acres of land and is a popular area for dog walkers, cyclists and children to enjoy. The new security measures will mean access will be restricted during night time, with the park closing at 8pm during the winter and 10pm during the summer months, opening again throughout the year at 6am.

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