Top security mistakes that companies make

Security MistakesEven if a company has spent a lot of money and resources on its business security some common errors are still made. Here we discuss some of the top security mistakes which business owners should avoid where possible.
Not having a third party assess the security
Even if your company has an internal security team whose role it is to regularly assess the business’s security equipment, it is always wise to use a third party for a security assessment. This is because they arrive at the business with a completely fresh pair of eyes. This makes them more likely to spot potential weak areas in a business’ physical security because of this fresh perspective. Third parties are unbias and their opinion can be invaluable. They can raise questions that the internal team has never even considered because they are so used to how they currently work. Working alongside a third party team means that you benefit from both an internal and external viewpoint and they can work together to provide a robust security system.

Not having strict enough ID procedures

Although many companies have ID requirements to enter premises, it can be surprisingly easy for security measures to become lax over time. For example, security guards may let people through the gate without their ID if they recognise them. In many cases this wouldn’t cause any issues, it only takes one person to make a mistake. It may also be easier for unauthorised personnel to access a building during busy times of the day. This is why access control methods should be implemented. In addition to traditional ID, businesses should look into biometric readers that provide more accurate results. They could also consider installing turnstiles at entrances to avoid tailgating.

Not providing sufficient training 

It is imperative that your entire team understands the security measures in place in order for your security to be fully effective.  For example, would all members of staff know what to do if there was a security breach? Also, it is not enough to merely install as much security as possible. Although many think more is better, it is not necessarily the case. You must ensure that every piece of security equipment is being used correctly and using it to its full potential. All security team members should be fully trained in equipment so that all it’s features are being used with nothing underutilised. This makes it better value for money but also more effective in the long run.

Forgetting about internal security 

It is common for businesses to focus solely on the perimeter and external security as they assume threats will always come from outside the company. Unfortunately, this is an idealistic view and not always reality. In fact, many security breaches can happen internally from employees. People are on the premises for several hours a day and businesses must understand they can potentially cause a threat. In addition to a strong perimeter security strategy, businesses should also have a strong internal strategy as well. Not all members of staff need access to everything or everywhere. Ensure each individual only has the access they require to undertake their everyday role.

Businesses can also end up with weak areas in their internal security strategy as the business grows. Review on a regular basis to ensure the business’s assets and other members of staff remain safe.

Despite a strong security system in place, there are many security mistakes that companies can make. By noticing these potential mistakes you can create a security system that is as strong as it can be.

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6 Ways to maintain access control

Finger scanner on the scanner glass by card.Installing access control is a simple concept and is simple to incorporate into your security system, however, a business must also maintain access control. Although they are extremely efficient and effective, a business needs to ensure that the access control equipment is maintained in order for it to fulfill its potential and provide the best level of security.

Here we discuss 6 ways to maintain access control:

Remove dirt build-ups

A build-up of dirt can severely impact your security. It can stop the card readers from working which can cause several issues and prevent anyone from entering the building. 

Back up your system

It is vital for your systems to be backed up on a regular basis. If there was a system failure, data could be lost and the access control system would not be able to be used until this data is reloaded. If there is no backup, the process of reloading could be substantial- as would the chaos it would cause. 

Update your system

Jus like system backups, ensuring your systems are up to date is equally as important. If you have the system connected to the internet, it shouldn’t take long to update remotely. If not the process will have to be done locally.

Conduct Emergency testing 

Regular tests need to be done on the systems to recreate a real-life emergency scenario. If the fire alarm goes off, for example, your system needs to be working correctly. Tests need to be done to ensure they automatically unlock and no one is at risk of being trapped in the building. 

Keep your information up to date 

When an employee leaves, you must ensure their information is removed from the system and if necessary, pin codes changed. Disable any access cards or fobs that have had a large period of non-use as well.

Be careful with keypads

A maintenance task that can often be overlooked is cleaning the keypads for access control. Fingerprints can often be seen on the digits that make up the code. If the code is only a few digits long, the combinations are not that endless. For example, if the keypad code is only 4 digits, there are only a total of 24 combinations. If an intruder can see what these 4 digits are, they could work through these combinations.

There is a lot more to maintaining an access control system than just seeing if the door opens when you enter the correct code or provide your ID card. However, having these checks booked regularly can provide you with the peace of mind that the security is working at its best.

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For more information on how Gateway Automation can help keep your premises secure, please contact us on 01522 682255 for a free, no-obligation quotation and feasibility survey to assess your perimeter security equipment.