Keeping your business secure with rising kerbs and road blockers

Rising KerbThere are many measures available for controlling traffic and stopping unauthorised entry onto sites such as bollards, barriers and gates. But a very effective method, typically used for high security sites are the use of rising kerbs and road blockers. Here we discuss what they are, how they work and why they can be good for keeping your business safe.

What are rising kerbs and road blockers?
Road blockers (also known as rising kerbs) are an effective way of preventing unwanted vehicle entry onto your property and site. They are tough, reliable and uncompromising as well as extremely durable, meaning they are a great choice for many businesses who want to ensure their site is as secure as possible.

They are hydraulic operated which is an effective way of controlling them and also includes an emergency lower system incorporated into the design, meaning they will still be effective even if you temporarily lost power. 

Why are they useful?
Rising kerbs and road blockers are useful in many ways, the main being:

  • They are a robust form of security that is durable so they will last
  • They need minimum maintenance
  • They can be used in both manned and unmanned areas
  • They are a strong visual deterrent for intruders
  • They come in varying heights of 340mm for cars/ vans, 500mm for more security and 800mm for HGVs and ultimate security
  • They can be made in varying widths from 2m-5m depending on the size of your site entrance or car park
  • They can be controlled with proximity cards, token acceptors, keypad, intercom and many more making it flexible to suit your business needs
  • Optional extras can include warning signage, warning sirens or LED traffic lights, again all depending on your individual requirements
  • They are difficult to vandalise

Although road blockers tend to be a solution for high security sites such as military bases and government buildings, a range of other businesses who want to protect their site can benefit from using them as well, such as distribution warehouses or retail. If your business is vulnerable to a threat of vehicle attack, then a road blocker is the best solution for protection. Even if the vehicle is large and going at high speed, the road blocker will cause enough damage from the impact that the vehicle will stop moving.

To find out more about what rising kerb and road blocker options are available for your business, please contact us on 01522 682255 for a free, no obligation and feasibility survey to assess your perimeter security equipment.

Why bollards are important on college and university campuses

Automatic bollardsBollards are a great security measure and are especially useful in the education sector such as colleges and universities. Here we discuss how bollards can be used on campuses in order to increase the level of security and safety.

When implemented correctly and in the correct locations, they can be used to help students, staff and visitors alike. When you consider how many people are on campus at any one time, as well as the fact they contain banks, shops, libraries, doctors surgeries and pubs, universities are more like small towns and therefore traffic management systems need to carefully be put in place, bollards being one of these.

What are bollards?
Bollards are short posts which are used as protective barriers and to mark areas ensuring both road and pedestrian traffic are aware of the correct routes they can travel. This helps with safety as well as the flow of pedestrians. They are a great form a safety without being intrusive or obstructive as they can fit into the design of the surrounding area.

Car parks
An obvious place to have bollards are in car parks. These can be some of the most dangerous areas on campus, as on busy days there will be both a lot of cars as well as pedestrians. In addition to this, because it is a campus, statistically a lot of the drivers will be young and some will have only just learnt to drive, making it even more hazardous. The combination of trying to find a parking space, people walking and chatting carelessly through the car park and the fact people may be running late can all cause accidents or serious injuries. Having bollards can help this as they can indicate where the pedestrian areas are. Also use them if the car park is next to a busy street. Not only will they protect pedestrians nearby, if a car was to hit the bollard, the damage caused will be significantly less than if the bollard wasn’t there and they crashed into something else, such as another car or even a building.

Also consider using bollards at any drop off points. Similar to car parks, these areas are extremely hectic and therefore bollards can help indicate where pedestrians must walk.

Bike lanes
A common way for students and staff to get around university campuses is by bike. Therefore, it is common to use bollards down the edges of bike lanes. These show to cars and other road traffic that these areas are off limits. It also shows pedestrians that they should avoid walking in these areas too. This improves safety but also traffic flow as the bikes can use this line with no obstacles in their way.

Pathways and green spaces
Having bollards around pathways and on the edge of lawns lets people know where they can and cannot walk. Although they can of course walk between the bollards, having them there acts as a physical deterrent and overall people tend to stick to designated areas. These are important during icy or snowy weather as the bollards can indicate the areas that have been gritted and therefore safest to walk on. You can also use them around artwork features such as fountains or sculptures that you want to protect from oncoming traffic.

Access control
Sometimes, there will be occasions where the emergency services may need access to areas that have bollards stopping their progress. In cases like this, there are automatic bollards available. These bollards are different as they are retractable, meaning you do not have to have them up constantly. This is great if you need quick emergency access or want to open the area up to allow more parking etc on certain days.

Additional safety measures
There are several options that can be chosen to be integrated into the bollards. A crown of LED lights can be added to automatic bollards along with a built-in warning signal. Traffic lights can also be used to warn people when the bollards are moving and when it is safe to pass.

For high risk areas that need extra security, anti-terrorism bollards are also available. These are hydraulic powered and great for protective sensitive sites. They lower the impact of anything coming into contact with it, protecting the area around it.

To find out more about what bollard options are available for your business, please contact us on 01522 682255 for a free, no obligation and feasibility survey to assess your perimeter security equipment.