How a strong perimeter can prevent fly-tipping on your property

gateway blog 80Fly tipping is one of the biggest annoyances for land owners. Not only does it look unsightly, cause damage to property and local wildlife, it can also incur a heavy financial cost to owners of land who have to clear up the mess left behind. Here we will at look at some ways you can prevent your premises from becoming a target for fly tippers.

The first method of securing your property from fly-tippers is to perform a risk assessment. If trespassers can’t access your site, then they can’t occupy it or leave waste there. A risk assessment can help to highlight any vulnerabilities in your site such as areas which have no security, or areas where security can be easily bypassed, such as old or faulty gates and fences.

Waste has to be transported and for large amounts vehicles are needed to move it. You can prevent vehicles from gaining access to your site by having height restrictors installed. Height restrictive barriers are often chosen by councils, land owners and private companies as a way of preventing HGV’s and Motorhomes from accessing their sites. Our GA5600 provides an ideal way to prevent unathorised access, it is a durable and reliable restriction barrier and is available as a single, or double leaf. Click here for further details:

Another method of prevent vehicular access is to use an Automatic Rising Kerb. Our GA8000 model utilises high quality hydraulic technology to provide ultimate security against unathorised traffic.

Gates are of course one of the staples of perimeter security and provide a strong physical and mental deterrent to would be fly-tippers. Here at Gateway we provide three key types of gates which include swing gates, sliding gates and bi-folding gates.

Finally, barriers can also play a key role in keeping out unwanted vehicles and pedestrians. They can be controlled either manually, or through other means like push-buttons, tokens, proximity cards and CCTV. Click here to find out more about our barrier selection:

While some waste can be left behind by ‘fly-by-night’ criminals looking to offload or traders trying to get rid of business waste, serious damage can be caused by criminals looking to spender a longer period of time at your premises. This is why it is important to not only make your premises look highly-secured but also that if your premises are vacant that you make them as unhospitable as is possible. This means turning off access to electricity, water and other amenities so that your site offers very little to trespassers.

No matter the size or nature of your businesses or site, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation and feasibility survey to assess your security requirements. For more information on any of the security options above, or for further advice on how to protect your business premises from criminals, please contact us here or call us on 01522 682 255.

Turnstiles – an alternative to manned security

gateway blog 79One of the favoured options for perimeter access among UK businesses is that of turnstiles. They provide not only a robust and secure method of controlling the entry and exit of employees and visitors on to a site but also reduce the need for costly security personnel.

Where turnstiles come into their own, is their ability to prevent tailgating. While your typical door can quite easily be fitted with access control equipment like locks, keypads and other more complicated digital entry tools, they cannot control how long that door stays open and can’t stop someone from quickly entering behind someone else.

The problem of tailgating can of course be solved by employing full time manned guards and reception staff to process any visitors. However, the question often arises as to how practical this is in terms of cost to employ several guards rotating shifts to cover the hours your premises are open. Security guards are quite often the number one security related cost at commercial premises.

Instead, a better solution tends to be to install robust turnstiles with anti-pass back features that prevent tailgaters and the ‘passing back’ of any security cards or fobs used for entry. What’s more, these high-tech and robust barriers provide an effective deterrent to opportunistic criminals who might otherwise take their chances on trying to force entry.

Here at Gateway we provide a variety of turnstile solutions. Waist & half height turnstiles offer a stylish and modern looking security solution for protecting a site, allowing customers to feel safe but never intimidated by security measures.

They can be integrated with a number of different access control options including proximity cards, tokens, keypad entry and voice/video intercom control and can be customised to meet your needs.

We offer 4 different styles of waist & half height turnstiles including the TriFlo console, TriFlo Premier, TriFlo Sentry and Rotogate SI as well as the GA4000FH Full Height Turnstile.

We also provide free feasibility surveys to assess your requirements and non-obligation quotes. Click here to arrange a callback or click here to download our free brochure.