How bollards can help prevent school parking problems

How bollards can help prevent school parking problemsAcross the UK, nurseries, infant schools, junior, primary and secondary schools all share one thing in common – parking problems. Parents seeking to save time on the school run by parking as closely to school entry points as possible are causing headaches for schools and local residents alike, leading to repeated calls for parents to fall in line, which seemingly fall on deaf ears.

None more so is the problem highlighted in that of busy, growing, successful schools where the number of drop-off and pick-ups increase year on year. The growing traffic to the schools means that parents are in even more of a rush to drop off their kids and do it in as little time as possible. This leads them to park in unathorised areas such as on verges and pathways and in areas that cause road blockages, obstruct traffic and block footpaths for pedestrians.

Despite the best efforts of many schools, launching safety campaigns, contacting parents by email, phone and by post as well as verbally warning repeat offenders – they have had no luck in easing the problem. Many even find that despite having double yellow lines painted and sign posts placed to warn drivers, the problem persists.

So, what can schools do to get tough on illegal parking? One key way that schools can clamp down on this problem is to consider installing bollards. Bollards such as the GA7276H operate with an electrohydraulic mechanism which means they can be raised and lowered according to need. So, if there times when, say trade vehicles, require parking by the school then you can allow them access. During times that no access is needed the bollards can be raised to prevent unauthorized parking and send a strong message to parents.

If your school is experiencing these types of problems, then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options. We offer a value for money service with well-engineered quality bollards manufactured to your specific requirements. For total peace of mind, we offer nationwide maintenance contracts on our own bollards and on existing perimeter security equipment made by other manufacturers. To find out more please call us on 01522 682 255 or click here to arrange a callback.

Bollards – a vital tool to protect the public from vehicular assaults

Bollards - a vital tool to protect the public from vehicular assaultsUnimposing and commonplace in public areas, bollards are often ignored or only subconsciously acknowledged by the public as they go about their business. However, they play a critical role in their safety and increasingly are being turned to by councils and organisations as a security tool.

While bollards have always played a crucial role in defending pedestrians from road traffic accidents and diverting traffic away from areas where there are lots of people on foot, today we see their role being adapted for a new purpose – defending against terrorist attacks.

Over the past few years, terrible attacks against pedestrians have been witnessed in some of the world’s biggest and most populous cities including Barcelona, Charlottesville, Berlin, London, New York, Nice, Stockholm, and the West Bank. The attacks have seen vehicles being used as weapons and driven into large groups of people causing mass casualties and deaths.

This new form of terrorist attack presents challenges to the security services as they are often unexpected, and can be undertaken without too much advanced planning and preparation. In some cases, the drivers have then gone on to exit vehicles and begin a melee attack on innocent pedestrians who are left standing after the attack, and this continues until emergency services are able to make it to the scene and apprehend the attackers.

To prevent these kinds of attacks, many city planners and organisations are turning to security tools such as bollards to deter vehicular assaults and stop terrorists in their tracks. Iconic landmarks such as London Bridge and York Minster are being fitted with anti-terrorist bollards to provide protection against impact collisions from vehicles, thereby protecting flocks of tourists who visit these landmarks every day.

Here at Gateway we provide a range of equipment which can be used down to halt vehicular attacks including Crash Tested Road Blockers and purpose built Anti-Terrorism Bollards like the XPass B 330/1200, XPass B 275/800 and Ranch D 275/800. To find out more, please call us on 01522 682 255 or click here to arrange a callback.

How to keep schools safe and secure with access control equipment

How to keep schools safeSchools are very busy environments with lots of pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout the day, something which presents a challenge in terms of security. How can schools ensure that their sites remain safe from crime and under control with so much activity? Here we look at the role that access control equipment can play.

According to Ofsted guidelines, schools are required to provide a safe and secure environment for children to reside in. This means that it is essential for schools to find ways to secure the entry points of their sites. Whether this is achieved through access control equipment like intercoms, keypads, cards or fobs, or by installing a turnstile system allowing staff to check credentials, it should be high on the agenda when looking at how to meet their expected requirements.

It’s not only their pupils that schools are obliged to find ways to protect, either. Many schools today hold lots of important confidential information as well as highly valuable equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers, TV’s, medical supplies and much more. The relatively low-key attitude that many schools have taken in the past to site security means that walk-in-thieves and trespassers view them as easy targets. Access control equipment strategically placed can help to shut down access in certain areas where high value equipment is stored, making it more difficult to access, at least for those who are unauthorized to do so.

Many businesses and organizations turn to us for access control equipment as a means of recording attendance, both among staff and among pupils. By installing fobs or key card systems at strategic points through a school you can ensure that you have up to date records of who is on your site and when they arrive and leave. This is a proven way to not only reduce absenteeism and truancy but also to help with fire safety guidelines.

Access control equipment may be a relatively new concept for schools, however in uncertain times, it can provide pupils, staff and parents peace of mind that no unauthorized visitors are making their way onto the site to cause harm.

Gateway Automation provides a range of products including access control equipment to help businesses and individuals secure their sites against crime. We also provide nationwide servicing and repairs to gates, barriers and other perimeter security equipment. To find out more please call us on 01522 682255.

How to plan for the worst: What major threats do businesses in the UK face?

how to plan for the worst - what major threats do businesses in the uk face todayEvery successful business has been through testing times at some point along the way. However, what separates the businesses that thrive from the ones that fail is their ability to plan for the worst. Here we will look at some of the most common, and devastating, threats to businesses in the UK and how you can protect against them.

1 – Cyber Crime
It seems we can’t go more than a couple of weeks without news of a high-profile business falling victim to cybercrime, losing data or being extorted. Whether public organizations like the NHS, private companies or individuals, everyone is a target when it comes to cybercrime. Threats like ransomware, keyloggers and other malware mean that it is more important than ever to take internet security seriously and avoid falling victim to gangs of cyber criminals.

2 – Internal Crime
Another threat that businesses sometimes face is that of their own employees. Whether through the theft of data, or assets such as vehicles, computer equipment, technology, cash or high value products like petrol, there are a great number of ways that businesses can be duped by their own. One way that businesses can protect themselves is to consider securing high value equipment, cash and other assets in areas that are protected with access control equipment.

3 – Tech failures
Businesses increasingly rely on computer technology or other machines to go about their business. If your business relies heavily on equipment, then you need to consider carefully what you would do if that equipment is compromised. Is your data backed up? Do you have contingency plans in place if equipment fails? A business continuity and recovery plan can help you to plan for this type of scenario.

4 – Natural disasters and damage to infrastructure
Floods and storms are two potential disasters which can affect businesses in the UK, as well as heavy weather conditions such as snow. If you are in a high-risk flood area, then you should already have some measures in place to protect against water damage. However, in some cases bad weather can come from nowhere and in areas which are not typically at risk. You could also fall victim to unexpected internal damage such as burst pipes and electrical fires. The solution here is to be prepared with a continuity and recovery plan.

5 – External crime
By far the biggest threat to businesses in the UK is that of external crime from people outside of their organization. Crime against businesses has spiked in recent years and many have fallen target to devastating crimes like criminal damage, arson, shoplifting, and burglaries. It has affected a wide range of industries too targeting everyone from retail, hotel and leisure facilities to banking, commercial, transport, distribution, warehousing and universities, colleges and schools.

Here at Gateway we have worked with countless businesses to help reduce the threat of crime against their premises. We use risk assessments to calculate exactly where a business may be lacking in their security efforts and make sensible recommendations on where to improve – whether through barriers, bollards, gates, turnstiles, access control equipment, security posts, speed ramps, rising kerbs, road blockers or something else entirely, we only implement the very best solutions. We also provide nationwide servicing and repairs to security equipment. To find out more please call us on 01522 682255.

Strengthen security at your business premises in 2018

Strengthen security at your business premises in 2018In a recent blog we spoke about a worrying rise in crime stats in the UK. According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics crime has risen almost 13%. These trends affect not only civilians but also businesses who are commonly targets of crimes such as criminal damage, arson, shoplifting and burglaries. With this rise in crime showing no sign of slowing down, what are some of the practical steps businesses can take to defend themselves from criminals in the coming year?

1 – Perimeter Security
Perimeter security is essential to safeguarding any time of property. For businesses, gates and barriers are one of the first steps to making a property secure, acting not only as a barrier but also a deterrent to criminals. We offer options for barriers such as automatic barriers, manual barriers and height restrictive barriers available on a range of budgets and installed to meet the specific requirements of your property. Gates are also a critical element of perimeter security and can help to stop criminals from both gaining entry and from exiting your property, keeping them long enough for manned guards or police to arrive therefore preventing a speedy getaway. We offer specialist bi-folding gates, sliding gates and swing gates.

2– Internal security
Another important role in protecting your business from criminals is to be able to prevent pedestrian traffic, and unwanted visitors from gaining access and then roaming freely around your site. This can typically be achieved through solutions such as turnstiles (full-height or waist-height) and access control equipment. Turnstiles can be operated through keypads, proximity cards and intercoms and mean that criminals cannot gain access either full-stop or not without attracting the attention of security. Access control equipment can be added to doors with proximity devices, intercom, keypads and even biometric fingerprint readers to shut down access to only authorized persons. You can use access control equipment either to secure access to an entire site, or specific areas depending on your needs.

3 – Unwanted vehicular access
Another nuisance for businesses is that of unwanted vehicles entering their sites. Here at Gateway we provide a number of solutions for this problem. One being security posts, a simple solution that can be raised and lowered depending on when you want to provide access to an area. Speed ramps are another option which can be used to prevent irresponsible driving on your site and can be customized to deliver a specific amount of speed reduction. Other options include flow control plates to drive traffic in a specific direction and automatic rising kerbs to shut off access in car parks, loading yards and bus lanes at specific times.

4 – Preventing terrorism
2017 has brought with it a huge rise in the amount of terrorist attacks by vehicular means. These attacks typically take place randomly and in public locations. This spike in terrorism has led many businesses to consider how they can effectively manage traffic and prepare for the worst case scenario – particularly if they operate in busy public areas. Here at Gateway we help businesses to counter terrorist threats through heavy-duty crash-tested road blockers. Click here to read more about them.

No matter the size or nature of your businesses, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation and feasibility survey to assess the security requirements of your organization. For more information on any of the security options above, or for further advice on how to protect your business premises from criminals, please contact us here or call us on 01522 682 255.

4 unexpected ways access control can improve your business

4 unexpected ways access control can improve your business - NEWAccess control equipment is one of the key ways to protect your business from crime. Businesses of all sizes are recognising the importance of upgrading from traditional locks and keys to prevent opportunistic thieves. However, beyond safeguarding against robbery there are other benefits to access control - let’s look at four of them.

1 – Improve punctuality and monitor staff
Whether you are a company owner, admin manager or HR manager the accurate monitoring and management of staff is a difficult task. Paper systems can be tampered with and employees may cover for their colleagues and tell little white lies on their behalf. If you are concerned with levels of absenteeism, then one of the best things you can do is incorporate access control equipment such as biometrics. Fingerprint activated readers will mean that only the employees themselves can log in to your system and enter the buildings, reducing the chances of employee fraud and encouraging punctuality.

2 – Improve peace of mind among staff
As well as monitoring your employees, access control equipment plays another role among employees – it helps them to feel safe and secure. Intercom systems, key pad entry  and turnstiles can all offer added protection, safeguarding against opportunistic criminals who may steal from your property, commit vandalism and intimidate or even attack members of your staff.

3 – Improve energy efficiency
A lesser known benefit of having access control equipment in place is that you can monitor which are of your buildings are busy at specific times. In an age of rising energy bills, many businesses are looking for opportunities to be frugal with their energy consumption and access control can provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision and reduce your wastage.

4 – Improve your corporate image
Finally, an often-overlooked aspect of installing access control equipment is the opportunity to improve your image with clients and customers who are visiting your premises. With turnstiles that create a reception point where guests are greeted, you show them from the off that you are committed to both their safety and the safety of your business. Here at Gateway we provide both full-height and waist-height.

Gateway Automation provides a range of products to help businesses and individuals secure their sites. We also provide nationwide servicing and repairs to gates, barriers and other perimeter security equipment. To find out more please call us on 01522 682255.

Businesses Beware: Crime rising in the UK

Businesses beware crime rising in the ukLatest figures released by the Office for National Statistics show an overall crime rise of almost 13% in England and Wales. This brings the total number of crimes recorded to the five million mark for the first time in 10 years.

The figures arrived just days after senior officers of the Metropolitan Police claimed that violent crime is soaring in the UK and is in danger of getting out of control due to “significant reductions in resources”.

In terms of crime against businesses, previous years reports highlight just how big the problem has been. The most recent survey in 2016 recorded over 5.2 million incidents of crime against businesses, particularly those in the wholesale and retail sectors.

The latest figures show the number of robberies against business properties to be around 6,599 incidents, non-domestic burglaries at 187,802 and incidents of shoplifting a staggering 377,172. The figures also include other offences which businesses can also fall victim too such as criminal damage and arson, of which there were 578,596 incidents between July 2016 and June 2017.

Here at Gateway Automation we have vast experience helping businesses to protect themselves against criminal elements and finding ways to curb burglary, theft, vandalism and arson. We provide a range of products to help businesses to secure their sites and also provide nationwide servicing and repairs to gates, barriers and other perimeter security equipment. To find out more about what we do, please call us on 01522 682255 or visit