Reduce employee theft in warehouses

clip_image002Internet shopping giant Amazon hit the headlines recently after resorting to putting up flat screen TV’s in their warehouses which showed stories of alleged former employees who had been ‘terminated’ or ‘arrested’ for stealing company stock.

While this is an extreme method of deterring employees from stealing from you, it is understandable that Amazon aimed to put protections in place considering how much of their stock has a resale value.

However, there are other ways to show your employees that you mean business that have less of a chance of damaging company morale and creating a public relations storm.

Mirrors & cameras
First of all, mirrors can be installed in strategic areas of your warehouse that highlight any hard-to-see areas where employees may be able to conceal items away from your cameras or the sight of other employees. Your employees are less likely to try and commit opportunistic crime if their actions are highly visible through a combination of mirrors and cameras.

Create secure areas
For particularly high value items it is important to put systems in place so that employees are unable to easily gain access to them. Security does not end simply with perimeter protection and you need to make sure that items of high value are given full protection. This could be achieved by enforcing a two-person rule where no-one is ever allowed to access specific items by themselves, or by securing a room or cage with a key pad or finger print biometric access control system.

Limit the number of keys
While it’s important to lock up your building at night, keys are not as secure as they might first appear. Physical keys are easily copied which means that if a key is lost or falls into the wrong hands then it could put your entire warehouse and stock at jeopardy. Instead you should limit physical keys only to specific high clearance members of staff and provide key fobs for other staff which can be deactivated if they part ways with your company.

Outside of these three key areas you should also ensure that checks are done on new employees to make sure that they are fit to work for your company and don’t have shady details in their past. You may not need to enforce a DBS check even just calling previous employers can help.

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How care homes can benefit from access control equipment

clip_image002Care homes act as a refuge for our nation’s elderly people, offering them respite, round the clock care and a good quality of life. Unfortunately care homes are also considered an easy target for criminals looking to take advantage of their vulnerability and gain access to valuable equipment, possessions and personal records.

Owners and operators of care homes have a duty to safeguard and protect the wellbeing of their residents. However, with the level of ongoing care that is often needed it can be difficult to rise to the challenge, especially when coupled with staffing issues and overcrowding.

Care homes often have a number of different visitors throughout the day, from care providers and health care workers to social workers, friends and family. In order to protect residents it is important that you are able to personally greet each visitor and verify their identity; however this is not always easy – especially if you are at the other side of a large site when the door bell goes.

Intercom systems can allow you to quickly respond to a visitor requesting access even from a distance, verifying their identity and business either by audio or video for extra assurance of their identity.

Care homes also keep sensitive information on file of residents, information which needs to be protected. They may also have expensive equipment, shopping supplies or valuables kept away for which access needs limiting too. Using biometric devices such as fingerprint readers, swipe cards, key pads or smart cards you can make these areas accessible only to your staff.

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Why we recommend intercom systems to businesses

clip_image002Intercom security is one of our top recommendations for businesses with lots of visitors who are looking to secure their premises and limit entry to authorised persons only.

We hear cases every day of criminals gaining access to buildings unchallenged. If an unauthorised person takes advantage of your open door policy, or even just happens to go unnoticed by your front of house, then they could quite easily cause trouble.

Unwanted visitors could steal from your property, commit acts of vandalism or even intimidate and attack your employees or guests. Installing intercom systems gives you and your employee’s peace of mind that your building is secure, allowing you to go about your normal working day without the fear of intrusion.

Not only do intercom systems help to protect your property from opportunistic criminals and unwanted visitors but they also help you to communicate at long distances. This means that you can grant access and open doors or gates without having to travel all the way there to physically do it. This can even help you to save money by removing the need for a front of house reception.

Intercom systems have another valuable benefit in that they cut down on the number of keys that need to be distributed to employees. When an employee misplaces a pair of keys, or leaves your business without returning them, you are left with the costly inconvenience of changing locks and having new keys cut.

With intercom systems employees can gain access either by speaking through an audio intercom and you recognising their voice, or through video for visual verification.

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How biometric fingerprint scanners can help secure prisons from drugs

clip_image002Last year in the UK there were almost 4,500 instances where prisoners were caught with illegal substances.

This figure is only expected to have risen with levels of drug abuse and use of synthetic drugs such as “spice” becoming widespread.

In fact, The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman found that in 39 deaths between June 2013 and June 2015, the prisoner in question was known to have been using drugs or was highly suspected of doing so before their death.

The level of drug abuse in UK prisons presents a complicated problem for the Prison Service and highlights a need for new strategies to keep drugs from entering prisons. Recent reports have found that while drones are being used to smuggle in drugs, prison visitors remain the most common source of drugs in prisons.

Many prisons in Britain are now turning to Biometric identification systems as a method of identifying both inmates and visitors as they enter our prisons with systems already installed at Woodhill, Bellmarsh, Manchester, Long Lartin & Whitemore.

Biometric fingerprint readers are one of the most secure access control systems available on the market. This is because the person requesting access has to use their fingerprint to gain authorisation – and a person’s fingerprint is entirely unique. This therefore removes the chances of an inmate visitor impersonating someone else to gain access and further propagate the problem of drugs in our prison system.

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Is your business relying too heavily on CCTV?

clip_image002It’s hard to deny that CCTV has an important role to play in protecting businesses. Being able to record a crime taking place and, if monitored, alert security personnel about details of an incident, are invaluable. However, it is important that businesses are also made aware of the limitations of CCTV.

The first recorded instance of a CCTV camera in use was in Germany in 1943 where it was used to document the launch of rockets. However, it took until the 1980’s for it to really take off when CCTV began to spread across public places, schools, airports, banks and private businesses. Today CCTV is used almost everywhere with an estimated 5.9 million cameras currently running in the UK.

However, despite being hailed as a silver bullet for crime, CCTV has been proven to be weak in many areas.

First of all, a camera cannot actually physically prevent or slow down a crime from happening. Once installed it simply records a crime taking place and unless there is someone watching the footage at that moment who can call for back up, nothing can be done.

Second, cameras are usually easy to spot or easily tricked. By locating cameras at a prior date a criminal can avoid the line of sight in so called ‘blind spots’ and either evade the camera completely or destroy it. There is also nothing to stop a criminal wearing disguises so that they aren’t recognisable.

In contrast to CCTV, physical perimeter security is a strong deterrent. Things like turnstiles, fencing, bollards, rising kerbs, gates and barriers can physically prevent a criminal from gaining access in the first place, whether on foot or in a vehicle.

Finally, it is worth remembering that in a time when the budgets of police forces are wearing thin, the response time for commercial crimes may not be as short or as quick as you hope. So the question then is do you fork out for costly guarding from a private company, or do you opt for making your property look so secure that no criminal would even consider trying to break in?

Here at Gateway we recommend a belt and braces approach to business security. We recognise the importance of CCTV but also recommend that businesses look at other ways they can prevent a crime from ever initially taking place.

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Access control solutions for gyms and health centres

clip_image002Tailgating and unauthorised entry by non-paying guests is a real annoyance for many gyms and health centres in the UK, but could access control systems provide a solution?

When people tailgate or obtain access through fraudulent means they cause real problems. Many gyms choose to provide guests with key cards, swipe cards or other means of entry which allow for paying users to either lend out their cards to friends, or simply allow them to tailgate behind them providing the entry point is unmanned.

Unfortunately, this means that regular rule abiding members miss out as non-paying members bring in no revenue. Lost revenue could be used to replace out of date equipment, repair items which are showing signs of wear and tear and upgrade facilities.

There are also other risks associated with this problem, for instance if an emergency happens such as a fire, then not only will staff have no account of the person being on the property but the person them self may not know what to do or where to go.

There have also been cases in the past where unauthorised guests have stolen from other gym members, damaged equipment or committed other crimes while on the property, later leaving without a trace.

Access control
Here at Gateway we recommend two key access control solutions for dealing with unauthorised access at gyms and health centres, namely turnstiles and biometric fingerprint readers.

Tailgating is when a person sneaks behind another person who has already used their membership card or other device to gain access to a gym. This allows a non-paying person, perhaps a friend or family member, or perhaps someone unknown to use the gyms facilities, to also enter.

One of the best ways that you can prevent this is to install waist height or half height turnstiles which act as a first line of defence in stopping unwanted entry. They stop a non-paying member from gaining access without either being approved by security, using an access token or by providing their fingerprints.

Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint readers not only solve the problem of unauthorised access to non-members, they also prevent current members from lending their cards out. New members are asked to provide their fingerprints during sign-up and then simply press their finger against the reader to gain access. Everyone’s fingerprint is individual so there is no way that an unauthorised, non paying guest can gain access. Additionally, unlike membership cards or key fobs your fingerprints cannot be lost!

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How perimeter security can help protect historical sites in the UK

clip_image002Here in the UK we are blessed with a plethora of fantastic historical sites from beautiful country parks and houses to impressive forts and castles which all play a key part in our national heritage. With this in mind, it is important that historical sites are adequately protected from crime.

What are the risks?
The threat against our heritage is not one to be taken lightly, in Scotland alone more than £75,000 has recently been spent repairing vandalism at historic landmarks such as Glasgow Cathedral and Stirling Castle. While in North Yorkshire, the 3,000 year old Scarborough Castle was subjected to vandalism and arson twice in one week.

Aside from vandalism, there is also the risk of theft, be it historical items like statues and artefacts or cash and high value goods kept in the property.

Sadly the result of heritage crime often ends up in money that should be spent on restoration or improving facilities and safeguarding historical sites for future generations is instead diverted away to dealing with the impact of a crime.

What can be done?
Choosing the security measures that fit your heritage site are essential, as what works for one property may not work so well for another. However perimeter security is a good place to start.

This means securing entry points and vulnerable spots around your property and ensuring that your security equipment makes criminals think twice about targeting your property. Whether that is turnstiles to prevent unpaid entry, gates for out-of-hours security or rising kerbs to prevent a vehicle getaway in the event of a burglary.

Here at Gateway Automation we offer well engineered and quality perimeter security systems manufactured to your custom specifications. This means that we can create bespoke equipment that is in keeping with your site, ensuring it retains a welcoming appeal to the general public.

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