Controlling pedestrian traffic

clip_image002Regulating and controlling foot flow through entrance and exit points can be managed by a turnstile system. This effective pedestrian-managed solution also cuts down on the need for manned monitoring.

So which turnstile system would be suitable for your site? There is a choice of systems available, depending on the level of security required. Here we give you an overview of our turnstile range and the application suited.

Full height turnstiles
Full height turnstiles can be fitted into a perimeter security system, which can be effective for creating staff checkpoints as well as managing pedestrian traffic. Suited for external use, full height turnstiles are used within industrial and commercial properties, and can also be found at amusements and sporting facilities.

Half height turnstiles
clip_image004Half height turnstiles, also known as waist-height turnstiles, are an effective solution for controlling pedestrian traffic in public areas. Turnstiles can be configured to work with limited space to guide visitors or employees in the correct direction, in addition to protecting secured areas.

Half height turnstiles are an ideal solution for offices, libraries and leisure facilities, and can be controlled using a range of methods incorporating existing access controlled areas, as well as monitoring staff and visitor movements.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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