The benefits of access control equipment

Protecting staff and your property should be a key concern for all businesses, whether small, medium or large, and therefore it is important to consider security measures. If your business premises are currently only secured with locks and keys for the doors, it is likely that your doors are not secure throughout the working day. This common scenario increases the chance of an opportunist robbery.

clip_image001To control premises security more effectively, access control equipment can protect both your buildings and your assets. There are a wide variety of access security systems available, for example push button access controls, biometric fingerprint readers, keypads and proximity devices. Each system provides a different level of security and additions can be easily made in the future to meet your business requirements.

Biometric fingerprint readers are arguably one of the most secure access control systems available. This is largely because the person requesting access has to present their finger-tip to be authorised. The biometric fingerprint system dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorised access because it removes the need to memorise a password and eliminates the chance of theft or loss of access cards/fobs.

clip_image003Proximity Cards are commonly used in universities, colleges and car parks. They are used in the same way as contact smart cards but can increase the level of speed and convenience of use because they are contactless. These cards are becoming increasingly popular for both physical and logical access control applications. Logical access controls are used in IT to grant access to users and physical access control equipment would typically involve a mechanical lock and key system.

At Gateway Automation Ltd, we have looked at how to further strengthen our range of high quality, low cost equipment with access control equipment. We have developed a range of access control equipment to suit ranging from key pads and push buttons to video intercoms and fingerprint recognition systems.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises. To get us to assess your security requirements, please contact us here.

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