Combating terrorism with crash tested road blockers

clip_image002More than ever before, many of the world’s institutions and organisations face a serious threat of terrorist attack. Over recent years the terrorist threat in the UK has constantly been set between ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’ which means that an attack is highly likely.

Due to this serious terror threat, many financial, government and private organisations are seeking ways to reduce the threat, and subsequent damage that can happen as a result of terrorism.

Anti-terrorism crash road tested road blockers are an effective tool in preventing vehicles from gaining access to important, restricted areas and also act as a deterrent to anyone planning an attack.

Gateway’s own GA100000 Shallow-Mounted Road Blocker was crash tested at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) with great success, passing 100% with “0” penetration and still remaining operable after impact.

Whereas once it was government institutions that were most at risk from terrorist attacks, in today’s climate private sector companies are just as vulnerable. This is why crash tested road blockers are regularly employed in a variety of environments such as banks, depots, ports, airports and utility providers, as well as armed forces sites and government buildings.

If you have identified your site as needing a high level of security to counter a terrorist threat then you should consider installing a road blocker. Crash tested road blockers work best as a part of a full security system which could also include bollards, barriers, gates and other access control equipment.

Gateway Automation provides free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises. To assess your security requirements, please contact us here.

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