Access control solutions for gyms and health centres

clip_image002Tailgating and unauthorised entry by non-paying guests is a real annoyance for many gyms and health centres in the UK, but could access control systems provide a solution?

When people tailgate or obtain access through fraudulent means they cause real problems. Many gyms choose to provide guests with key cards, swipe cards or other means of entry which allow for paying users to either lend out their cards to friends, or simply allow them to tailgate behind them providing the entry point is unmanned.

Unfortunately, this means that regular rule abiding members miss out as non-paying members bring in no revenue. Lost revenue could be used to replace out of date equipment, repair items which are showing signs of wear and tear and upgrade facilities.

There are also other risks associated with this problem, for instance if an emergency happens such as a fire, then not only will staff have no account of the person being on the property but the person them self may not know what to do or where to go.

There have also been cases in the past where unauthorised guests have stolen from other gym members, damaged equipment or committed other crimes while on the property, later leaving without a trace.

Access control
Here at Gateway we recommend two key access control solutions for dealing with unauthorised access at gyms and health centres, namely turnstiles and biometric fingerprint readers.

Tailgating is when a person sneaks behind another person who has already used their membership card or other device to gain access to a gym. This allows a non-paying person, perhaps a friend or family member, or perhaps someone unknown to use the gyms facilities, to also enter.

One of the best ways that you can prevent this is to install waist height or half height turnstiles which act as a first line of defence in stopping unwanted entry. They stop a non-paying member from gaining access without either being approved by security, using an access token or by providing their fingerprints.

Biometric Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint readers not only solve the problem of unauthorised access to non-members, they also prevent current members from lending their cards out. New members are asked to provide their fingerprints during sign-up and then simply press their finger against the reader to gain access. Everyone’s fingerprint is individual so there is no way that an unauthorised, non paying guest can gain access. Additionally, unlike membership cards or key fobs your fingerprints cannot be lost!

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