Overstretched police budgets mean businesses should act now to protect themselves

Businesses beware crime rising in the ukThe police federation has warned that funding cuts are forcing the police to make drastic changes to the way it operates. Scotland Yard has said that by 2020 they must save £400m, with the current force of 30,300 down from 32,000 and predicted to fall even further, changes are having to be made to the way that crime is investigated.

Sara Thornton who acts as chair to the National Police Chiefs’ Council has said that “real changes” are required if the police are going to be able to continue to provide services to the public with shrinking budgets and a drop off in the number of available officers and that priorities may have to adjust.

“If we’re really serious about putting a lot of effort into protecting children, for example, it might mean if you’ve had a burglary, for example, and the burglar has fled, we won’t get there as quickly as we have in the past” she explained.

These changes spell worrying news for businesses as offences like shoplifting, burglary, car crime and criminal damage are moved down the pecking order in terms of seriousness of crimes.

Tony Tester, chairman of the Dorset Police Federation, said: “It’s not uncommon for my members to report coming into duty and finding 10-15 pages of open incidents.

That equates to 100-150 incidents that couldn’t be dealt with at the time but now need allocating, which is a worrying figure to businesses who may feel alarmed and vulnerable.

Act now to keep your business safe

Considering these latest figures and warnings, it is important that businesses are able to make their buildings and sites as secure as possible and as unattractive to criminals as possible.

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