Why physical security is just as important as cyber security

It is common and smart for businesses to focus a lot of their attention on cyber security. With almost all businesses now using some sort of computers, the risks of cyber threats and protecting sensitive data is vital. However, it is also important for business not to let this focus on cyber security make them forget the need for physical security, which is just as important and can actually help towards cyber security at the same time. Here are just a few ways in which physical security is just as important for a business.

Perimeter security acts as a deterrent for unwanted visitors
The simplest form of physical security is using a form of perimeter security such as gates and fencing. Not only do these acts as a deterrent for people entering the businesses’ property unauthorised, it gives the business full control over who comes into your building and who doesn’t, reducing the risk of unauthorised people getting close to sensitive company data.

Physical security can help protect your servers
Keeping your servers in a separate room that only authorised people with access control can enter will help protect your cyber security. Knowing that unauthorised personnel cannot come near your IT infrastructure will give you peace of mind. Although remote access from unauthorised hackers is still a risk, ensuring they cannot physically get near your IT systems reduces the risk of information being stolen.

Criminals tend to look for IT systems first as they are valuable and contain important and sensitive information. Having access-controlled doors or gates will make it very difficult for the criminals to access.

Access Control
Using key cards and entry codes are just some of the most effective methods to ensure the correct people are entering your business, leaving rare opportunities for criminals to get access to your valuable equipment and information.

Security Guard
Sometimes having a person alongside your perimeter security will add an extra layer of security which could benefit your business greatly. Having someone to open and close the perimeter will ensure only authorised people can enter, it means your property is protected and also means there is someone there to take action if anything bad were to happen.

Creates a strong sense of security for staff
Although firewalls and encryption software are vital for businesses, having physical security alongside this will ensure all the staff and visitors feel secure whilst they are on your property. This leads to happier staff and can improve staff retention.

Although cyber security will rightfully continue to be a priority for businesses, forgetting about physical security or overlooking its importance would be a mistake. They can be used together as part of a security suite to ensure your premises and the information it contains remains as safe as possible.

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