Why automated bollards might be the right choice for you

Automatic bollardsDid you know that bollards have been used as a method of managing traffic flows for almost 300 years? Designed to guide traffic and protect sensitive areas, bollards have come a long way since first being introduced, when many were constructed from disused cannon barrels buried into the ground. Although these rudimentary prototypes helped to inspire the design of modern bollards that are frequently seen in many of the UK’s towns and cities today, modern day bollards are completely different, having evolved into the highly functional, reliable, automated systems that Gateway now use. But what makes automated bollards the right choice for you?

Sometimes there comes a need to be able to quickly open up areas of access that have previously been blocked off by bollards. The flexibility offered by an automated bollard system means that they are able to fit seamlessly into any new or existing pedestrian areas, allowing them to block off unauthorised traffic whilst staying flexible to the needs of those that require access to the area. Often, these types of bollards prove useful when enforcing traffic rules that are time related. This flexibility can be seen in action throughout the UK with automated bollard systems fast becoming the preferred method of traffic control in city centres.

Typically, for those businesses that are exposed to the public eye, there is a need to maintain good aesthetics, whilst also ensuring both security and preventing unauthorised access. With a sleek stainless steel design contributing to the visual quality of both the building and landscape, coupled with the functionality of more traditional bollard systems, automated systems could be a good choice for businesses looking to control vehicle access whilst keeping up good appearances.

Automated systems bring about excellent performance benefits to those employing this type of access security. Automated bollards take just 6 seconds to complete their cycle from blocking off access to allowing entrants, and provide the necessary protection and security whilst ensuring that the day to day running of the business is not held up waiting for these bollards to allow entry to the premises. The added convenience offered through an automated system saves both time and money as it can be fully integrated with access control equipment, traffic lights and ground loops, which opens up the options of unmanned access points. In addition, in the event of an emergency or power failure they can be lowered manually.

Automated bollards are just one of the security systems we offer, but we understand that every need is different. Hopefully this has helped to inform you of what automated bollards might offer to you, but for more information visit http://www.gatewayautomation.co.uk/bollards/automatic/ga7276h-automatic-bollard/

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