How security can improve the hotel experience

People love going to hotels. The sense of getting away from day to day lives and experience a new place without the worry of having cook or clean is an appealing concept. However, it’s vital that guests feel safe in doing so. Having access control and perimeter security measures are amazing ways of doing this and when done correctly will help improve the overall hotel experience. Here are just a few of the ways they do this:

1.    It makes the guests feel safe and secure
If customers know that the hotel has security, they can have peace of mind and feel more comfortable. They need to know that their belongings will be safe (including their car) and that only authorised people will be able to access the building. If this happens successfully, they will be relaxed and enjoy the hotel more.

2.    Will promote return stays
If their first experience of the hotel is good, they are more likely to return if they know when they arrive at the hotel that they don’t have to worry about anything.

3.    Will recommend to family and friends
If someone has a pleasant stay, they will want to recommend to friends and family but also on review websites which are vital for the hotel industry.

4.    Creates exclusivity
Having control access can have a phycological effect on the guests. Being a select few who can enter the building will automatically make them feel that bit more privileged. It creates a sense of privacy as well which some guests crave.

5.    Will improve the hotel’s reputation
Being known as a safe hotel is a reputation that is almost priceless and can only be seen as a good thing to potential guests.

6.    Makes the employees feel safer
It’s not just the guests that benefit from the additional security. The employees themselves will feel safer coming to work knowing that its secure. This, in turn, has been known to improve employee morale and productivity.

How can this be achieved with Gateway Automation?

-    These are perfect for hotel car parks, which will mean only guests will be able to access it.
-    The gates we provide are among the strongest barriers to unauthorised entry and a strong physical deterrent
-    Automatic barriers can achieve the same effect, however ultimately it depends on which option will work best for your hotel and look the nicest.
-    We provide fully automatic barriers which can be controlled by push buttons, tokens, proximity cards, pins, CCTV or by on-site security guards, so we can tailor it to your needs and requirements.

Speed Ramps
It is important that the car park is a smooth process and not hectic. Speeding and reckless behaviour can be reduced by using speed ramps. When utilised correctly, they act as a deterrent for unwanted vehicle access as well.

-    Full height turnstiles could be used if there is a pedestrian entrance to the hotel which you need controlling, especially if there is no manned security available constantly.
-    Waist height turnstiles can be used indoors if the hotel has a gym or certain facilities that have restricted access.

-    With options to have video Intercom or just audio, these are great devices to have located at hotels at the entrance, ensuring you know who is coming in and out of the premises.

Proximity Devices
-    Proximity cards and Proximity Access Keypads again can both be effectively used at hotels to restrict access in certain areas and can be used in conjunction with both turnstiles and gates.

Gateway Automation can help hotels protect their assets from serious crime with minimum disruption while maintaining safe and comfortable working environments for clients, contractors, customers and other highly important individuals. For a free non-obligation quotation and feasibility survey please contact Gateway Automation on 01522 682255. Alternatively, our brochure can be downloaded here:

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