How bollards can improve safety

Bollards can help a wide variety of organisations to improve their safety. Whether its for a shopping centre, hospital, school or stadium, bollards are good additional security. Below are just some of the advantages to having bollards on site.

Calms traffic and aids navigation
Large public areas such as shopping centres, hospitals and stadiums also have large car parks. Having bollards in place here will help reduce the speed of cars whilst driving. This is important as they are many other cars and pedestrians in the area meaning careless driving can result in accidents. Having bollards near pedestrian walkways and entrances, indicate both where the pedestrians need to walk but also ensures cars slow down for them.

Prevents overparking

Having bollards can denote where people should park which will prevent overparking and people parking in restricted areas or anywhere they will block access to others.

Prevents crime and terrorism
Unfortunately, anti-terrorism and crime measures are needed more than ever and there are a range of crash tested, automatic bollards available for this. Crowded areas like stadiums and shopping centres or high-profile buildings can become a target due to the potential damage that can be caused, therefore bollards that can withstand ram raiding attacks are sometimes necessary to provide that extra security for everyone.  Not only do they act as a deterrent, but if something did happen, they make it difficult for criminals to getaway.

Protects large glass doors
Many hospitals, universities and shopping centres feature large glass doors or windows which provide a vulnerable point of access. Bollards placed outside of these areas can stop any vehicles crashing through the glass, whether intentionally or not.

Promotes greater sense of security
Having bollards installed can make people feel more secure. Whether this be customers, patients or employees, it is always good to know that security measures have been considered and they know they are safe within the building.

Automatic bollards
We offer a range of automatic bollards which provide a lot of additional benefits to standard bollards. Being able to have them move up or down with an electrohydraulic mechanism means you can use them to deter unlawful entry and to restrict zones at certain times of the day (for example, in car parks when you do not want any new people entering). Automatic bollards also allow you to have control over who enters. You can lower the bollards to authorised cars only and return the bollard afterwards.

These are just some of the benefits of having bollards installed, however they prove how important and beneficial they can be to many businesses and should be considered when deciding on security messages.

Gateway Automation can help businesses and organisations to protect their assets from serious crime with minimum disruption and while maintaining safe and comfortable working environments for clients, contractors, customers and other highly important individuals. For a free non-obligation and feasibility survey please contact Gateway Automation on 01522 682255. Alternatively, our brochure can be downloaded here:

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