7 Ways to improve business security

gateway blog 84No matter if your business site is small or large, there are many security risks a company may face. Although the type of risk can depend heavily on a business’s location, size or even industry,  it is imperative that all companies are prepared for these risks and have a plan in place. Here are 7 ways to improve business security. 

Assign someone to be responsible for the security 

The person you choose must be someone in the organisation that is trustworthy and can handle the responsibility. Although they do not need to be an expert in all aspect of security, they need to be able to oversee it. This role could encompass tasks like being the point of contact for security installers, being responsible for ensuring the security equipment is maintained, be responsible for updating key-holder information, etc. 

Have a maintenance plan 

A company may have a robust security system in place, however, if it is not maintained, it will not be working at its best. Ensure you have a maintenance plan in place to ensure the security remains as robust as possible. For example, if you have security gates and barriers installed, it is vital they are serviced regularly. Otherwise, they could cause a significant security breach.

Having a maintenance plan with the original installer can help guarantee your security stays in top condition as they will have the extensive experience of the equipment and will have a lot of experience with fixing their own products. 

They will be able to ensure the systems are up to date and address any repair issues quickly as they are familiar with the products.

Do regular site checks 

It is important to do regular site checks, especially if the site is large. This is so any changes to the site can be addressed. These changes could require more security or highlight the need for some repair work. For example, cars may be parked too close to perimeter fencing which can make it easier for people to gain access. There could be holes in the fencing or CCTV cameras could be blocked by a building or overgrown foliage. The list is endless. If the site checks are done regularly, you can report any changes to your security company and the problem can be rectified quickly.
Make seasonal changes

As the seasons change, the security required may need to change as well. For example, once we get into late Autumn / Winter, the days are significantly shorter and the darker car parks may require more security lighting to ensure your staff remains safe. Having bollards installed can also help identify and protect pedestrian walkways which are extremely important when it’s snowing or icy.

Keep security details secret

Limit the number of people that know the details of the security system. You need to know exactly who knows what at all times. It can be surprisingly easy for passwords or other sensitive information to reach the wrong people. This is especially important when employees leave.

Assign key-holders with care

All companies need to have a certain number of key-holders depending on the work being carried out and the size of the site. Ensure you regularly review your list of key-holders and double-check their contact details. Not only do you need to choose responsible people, but you also need to ensure they are able to respond to any security breach alert in a timely and efficient manner.

Have access control installed 

Where possible, consider installing access control. If there are many people entering and exiting your site, it can soon become difficult to keep track. Having access control takes away some of the risks by ensuring only authorised personnel can enter the premises. The best part is that you can use access control to certain areas of a building as well. This means that each employee can only access the areas they need to carry out their day to day roles. Restricting access will help reduce the risk of unauthorised entry significantly. 

Following these tips can help make all the difference and improve the security of a business’ site tenfold. The best thing is, these tips can be implemented across all businesses from any sector and companies of all sizes. 

What's Next? 

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