How to protect small businesses from theft with physical security

Although cyber-crime is regularly in the news, theft is Gateway Theftstill, unfortunately, a common occurrence, especially for small businesses. Whilst some businesses are closed their premises become prime targets for criminals. This highlights the vital need for robust security systems 24 hours a day. Here we discuss how to protect small businesses from theft with physical security. 

Get secure locks 

Firstly, companies focus should be on their locks. Many businesses do not have locks that are robust enough and this can immediately create a weak spot in their security and make it easier for intruders to enter. Deadbolts are great for exterior doors, however they should also be considered for internal doors as well. Do not forget the security on your windows as well. It’s not only doors that need sufficient locks on them.
Use access control

It is commonly thought by businesses that they do not have the budget to have sophisticated security such as access control. However, this may not be the case. There are options available for a variety of budgets and definitely should be something businesses consider. From intercoms to keycards or even biometrics, there is a myriad of options available to choose from. All of the options not only make it difficult for thieves to enter the premises, but the company also has full awareness of who is on-site at any one time, which is invaluable. 

Invest in perimeter security 

Although perimeter security can be a huge investment, it gives you the peace of mind that your business is secure, especially when the site is empty. Even if you already have fencing, ensure you monitor the condition of it on a regular basis. There is no use having fencing around your business if they are holes in it or areas of weakness that could be easy for intruders to overcome.

Work with a security firm 

Teaming up with a security firm is something small businesses should do if they can afford to.  They can install a security alarm system with sensors which is a one-off investment that has been proven to be effective as law enforcement will arrive at your business shortly after an alarm goes off.

Encourage staff to be wary 

It is important that all members of staff are aware of the threat of intruders. No matter what your business is, it can still be a target and all members of staff need to be on the lookout for any strange behaviour and understand how they should report anything they see that they believe is suspicious.

Light up the area

An extremely effective method of security can be something as simple as security lighting. Although the lighting doesn’t stop burglars entering the property, it has been proven to be a deterrent and help scare away intruders as they are more likely to be caught and identified when they are under bright lights. When considering this option, plan the location of your lights strategically. You need to get into the mindset of the burglars and think about where the weak points of your building are. These should be the first you focus on. 

Install barriers

If your business has a large front window, it can easily become targets for ram raids and vehicle attacks. These threats can often be subdued and reduced significantly by installing bollards outside.

Protect your stock 

It is often not feasible to hide all of your stock, but if you have specific items that are of high value, you should ensure that these are locked away and will be difficult for intruders to come across. Using safes etc. can help with this. 

Collaborate with other businesses

You are not on your own and should try and collaborate with local businesses to help keep your premises as secure as possible. You could start or become a member of a business watch scheme. This allows companies of a similar size to yours to come together and keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour. You could also potentially pool together to work with the same security firm.

The possibility of theft occurring at your business can be a terrifying concept. However, implementing some of the ideas we have discussed can help protect your business, your staff and your valuables. Some of these actions are more investment than others, however, they are all worth it if it means you can keep your business as secure as possible from the threat of theft.

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